The hostel is located in an open and airy atmosphere. The hostel is fully secured for girls. The hostel has sufficient lighting, fan facilities. Separate beds, study tables and book shelves are available for each student. There are adequate toilets and bathrooms. There are two madams in each room to look after the students. There is an open field for the playing of students. The hostel offers good quality food and dining table has been set up to eat. On one side of the hostel there is a stall of the essential things. Security guards have been placed at the main gate to protect the students. Male entry inside the hostel has been strictly forbidden to the safety of the girls and no male staff has been kept at the hostel.

Rules & Regulations

1.Each and every pupils must have to obey the rules and regulations and discipline of the Academy strictly and any kind of violation of discipline will be considered as punishable offence and the students concerned may be expelled.

2.Students are allowed to keep their money in the safe custody of the cashier of the Academy and they may withdraw the same showing specific reason. Guardians are requested not to give any costly articles to their wards. Students are responsible for safe custody of their books and belongings.

3.Guardians are requested to pay monthly hostel charge along-with other dues (if any) for their wards within 7th of that month, other wise the students have to leave the hostel if he would be a defaulter for two months.  

4.Students must have to punctual and have to perform their tasks as per daily routine including daily classes, self-study and five times Namaz.                                                      

5.The students have to reach in the hostel of the Academy in the scheduled date after each vacation. Otherwise they may have to pay a fine of Rs. 200/- per day for absence.  

6.Guardians are required to inform for any change of their address and/or telephone number, for necessary communication.                                                                                

7.Students are asked required not to waste drinking water and they have to pay compensation for doing any damage intentionally to the Academy.                                                                                 

8.Recognized guardians are allowed to meet their wards only on Sunday. For another day, they need special permission from the authority.                                                                                   

9.Students are not allowed to attend phone calls during their class, coaching or study time without any specific reason.  

10.Students are not allowed to go outside of Academy campus without prior permission of authority.

11.To keep and use Mobile Phone by the students is strictly prohibited.

12. Every student should be aware of cleanliness seriously.                   

13.Any breach of discipline in the dining Hall will seriously be treated and students should have to take their food-stuff as per daily Food-Chart.

14.NIght-stay to the bed of other student is strictly prohibited and it will be treated as punishable offense.  



5-00 a.m

5-40 a.m.

5-45 a.m.

6-15 a.m.

8.20 a.m.

10-30 a.m.

11-00 a.m.

12-30 pm.

12-45 To 4-25 p.m.

4-30 p.m.

4-30 p.m

4-55 p.m.

5-00 p.m.

6-00 p.m

6-30 pm.

9-20 p.m.

9-40 p.m.

10-00 p.m.


Get up from bed & Take part in Namaz "Fazar"

Attend Prayer of Mission

Breakfast and Tea

Opening of class teaching with a Prayer of National Anthem


Ending of class teaching.


Taking part in Namaz of 'Johar'

Special coaching class.

Namaz of 'Asar' and Islamic basic teaching and newspaper reading

Light Tiffin.

Games and Sports (Indoor and Out door)

Namaz of 'Magrib'.


Self Study.

Namaz of 'Isha'.


Go to bed.

** Time table may be changed according to Seasons.
** Pupils of class VII or above may be allowed to self-Study after 10 p.m. if necessary.

Food Chart


5-45 a.m

8-20 a.m

11-00 a.m

6-00 p.m

9-40 p.m


Wet Gram, Biscuits and Hot Tea

Muri and Curry

Rice-pulse Vegetable & Fish.

Muri and Potato-Dom

Rice-pulse & Egg-Curry


Wet Gram, Biscuits and Hot Tea

Muri and Ghugni

Rice-pulse Vegetable & Egg.

Milk Muri and Sugar.

Rice-pulse & Egg-Curry


Wet Gram, Biscuits and Hot Tea

Bread and Potato Dom

Rice-pulse Vegetable & Fish.

Muri and Boiled Gram

Rice-pulse & Veg-Curr


Wet Gram, Biscuits and Hot Tea

Muri and Pea Dal

Rice-pulse Vegetable & Chicken.

Muri and Boiled Pea

Rice-pulse, Potato Chutney & Papor


Wet Gram, Biscuits and Hot Tea

Muri and curry

Rice-pulse Vegetable & Egg.

Muri and Boiled Gram

Rice-pulse, Veg Curry & Egg.


Wet Gram, Biscuits and Hot Tea

Bread and Potato Dom

Rice-pulse Vegetable & Fish.

Milk Muri and Sugar.

Rice-pulse & Soya bean-Curry


Wet Gram, Biscuits and Hot Tea

Muri and Curry

Rice-pulse Vegetable & Fish.

Muri and Potato-Dom

Rice-pulse & Egg-Curry

Medical Facility

A doctor has been kept for primary treatment in medical service , who sometimes comes for the check up of the student’s health. Mission has been arranged supply of medicines for the students. There is an ambulance of the mission for giving emergency services. When a student becomes ill, the mission authority takes full care of it. If a student becomes ill, he is taken to the doctor’s clinic. All kinds of services are provided to the hospital or nursing home if needed.